The Extinguishing occurred 02/01/1980. Little is known about it beyond the fact that an old god, Cthugha, was awoken, fire ceased existing, and magic entered the world.

What Happened

Every living person heard a telepathic voice within their mind. It was likened to the sensation of your brain being set aflame. It said, “You would wake Cthugha? — You are not ready. — I am not willing. — The price brings regret. — So the world ends.”

Immediately after the last word was spoken, all fires were extinguished. Within moments, a massive number of humans and animals alike transmutated into mythical races and beasts.

The Aftermath

In the first 3 months after the event, scholars estimate that 95% of humanity was killed or changed, leaving the sentient population at slightly less than 10% of its original number. The world’s infrastructure collapsed as most power plants went offline. Most major population centers became isolated as the lack of transit, and the introduction of new dangers to the wilderness created further seperation.


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